20 Questions: Get to know Emma Ottum, our Shanti Bhavan Winter 2019 Fellow!

1.) I am from Los Gatos, California. I was originally raised for twelve years in San Diego, but then moved to the Bay Area when I was twelve.

2.) I go to school at the University of California Riverside and work for the city in Arts and Cultural affairs.

3.) I first learned about Broadway Babies through a scholarship program called Students Rising Above, a program for low-income first generation students. I was attracted to the opportunity at Shanti Bhavan because I have a passion for music education, children, and I have visited India before with a program called 360+. 

4.) I play the piano.

5.) The best three words to describe me would be energetic, thoughtful, and empathetic. 

6.) At the age of 10, I was running around on a soccer field, experimenting with different art, and practicing the piano. I was a ball of energy who enjoyed collecting bouncy balls, making chalk patterns, and playing tag with my four other siblings. 

7.) My favorite quote is ”proud, but never satisfied.” I can not remember who wrote this quote, but it has always been my favorite because I truly believe you should be proud of what you accomplish, but you should never stop working hard to achieve your dreams. You can be anything you set your mind to!

8.) My favorite travel spot would have to be Kerala, India. I absolutely fell in love with Kerala, the people, and the weather when I visited in 2017.

9.) If I had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of my life, it would definitely be sushi.

10.) A personal motto that I have always cherished is to never be afraid of the future, and to never let your past define who you are. 

11.) My top three highlights of my life would be getting accepted into college, seeing the Taj Mahal, and getting my puppy Takoa.

12.) The next thing that I would really love to do on my bucket list is to sky dive.

13.) The first concert I ever attended was seeing Ed Sheeran and Christina Perri.

14.) The weirdest thing Ive ever eaten was a chocolate beetle.

15.) I am very good at making german pancakes.

16.) If I had a super power, I would want to be able to bend space.

17.) I love playing soccer, meditating, and taking long walks to think.

18.) At age 13, Id want to tell myself not to care about what anyone else is going to think of you, not to judge others, and always take chances. 

19.) I am probably happiest when I am out in nature.

20.) For me, success is defined by happiness. If you are content and happy, then you will be successful.