Since 2018, Broadway's Babies has employed four local teachers from Jacmel, Haiti to lead visual art, dance, drums, and choral music classes for the students of Lekòl Sen Trinité, a day school that offers education for the most impoverished families and children in the community, and Wings of Hope, a home for children living with physical and mental disabilities who would otherwise be shunned by Haitian society. Our teachers lead 33 classes per week for over 180 students.


Since the independence of Haiti was won in 1804 (the first successful anti-colonial insurrection led by self-liberated slaves), music, dance, and art have been the primary ways Haitians pass their stories down from generation to generation: celebrating their African heritage, memorializing the centuries endured of brutal of slavery, and honoring their hard-won freedom and independence.


No child, no matter how disadvantaged, is too poor to know who they are, where they've come from, and why they should be proud. Before Broadway’s Babies, these schools could not afford to offer any sort of arts education programming, robbing a generation of the ability to learn about their past and move into the future with pride. After only a few months of programming, one of our teachers proudly exclaimed, "Broadway's Babies has given us our culture back!"

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